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Technical EDITING Services

Your projects are in good hands with Bárd International


Plan documentation requirements for a new product, a new suite of products, or their follow-on releases

Scope, schedule, and budget documentation projects

Analyze and design documentation and information architectureDesign and convert documentation templates

Compile company style guides, word reference lists, and quality checklistsUpdate or rewrite existing documentation suites

Write new documentation suitesDevelop online help (WinHelp, HTML Help, Web Help, Java Help, etc.)

Create single-source content for various outputs

Implement quality control methods to verify and validate the completeness and accuracy of the documentation


Installation guides and online help for all users

Getting Started or User guides for your end-users

Administration guides for your operators or system administrators

Database or Data Dictionary guides for your DBAs

Programming, Customization, or Reference guides for your engineers

Implementation guides for your business analysts and system implementers

Product Overviews or data sheets for your sales and marketing teams

Website content for different audiencesTutorials or training manuals for all users


Writers can be junior, intermediate, or senior, with project management, lead, or managerial experience

Writers can be sourced locally, out of state, or internationally

Writers can work onsite, offsite, or a combination of both

Writers can travel to multiple sites as necessary

Writers have experience of working with different cultures across multiple time zones using various communication methods


Writers can start before, during, or near end of project

Writers can be made available on demand

Writers have the ability to learn new technologies, corporate styles, and produce documentation with little or noguidance and support


Bárd International works with projects of any size: big or small

Bárd International can produce an entire documentation project or provide extra writers to help your owndocumentation team

Bárd International can provide documentation in various media, including state-of-the-art deliverables

Bárd International use software and methodologies as per latest trends and technologies