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Bárd na nGleann

Bárd na nGleann International (Bárd International) is a leading provider of information management services to the IT industry, with expertise in a variety of fields, including telecommunications, customer management, and pharmaceutical.

At Bárd International, we don't just write about technology, we use it to enable our business. Bárd International operates on a unique "BEST" sourcing model – our flexible work practices mean that our staff can work at a location (local, out of state, or abroad) conducive to our clients’ needs.

Bárd na nGleann International (Bárd International) is a veteran-owned small business, incorporated in California in 2001, with its main office in Silicon Valley, California.

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Tom Fitzgerald, CEO
Rob Day,  Canada

Bárd International provides an array of services to fulfill your technical communications and information management needs.
The company is owned by Tom Fitzgerald, a Vietnam-era veteran of the US Air Force. Tomhas an AA degree from Tacoma Community College in Washington, a BA from University of San Francisco, an MSc in International Marketing and Management and a Sloan Fellowshipfrom London Business School in the UK. After three years on the Alaska Pipeline, and twoyears as a teacher in San Francisco, Tom worked with Silicon Valley companies, includingAdobe, Intel, National Semiconductor, Nortel Networks, Tymnet and BT North America. Tomis a founding member of the Irish Network of Northern California, as well as a foundingmember and director of the Western Institute of Irish Studies (www.wiisonline.org). He is alsoan active member of Toastmasters International.