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Benefits to you

A technical writing or technical editing project with Bárd International is:


We have an educated, motivated, and experienced workforce that is ready for the challenge of any documentation project. Our writers are able to work on or off site and have a successful history of completing projects off site with minimal supervision..


Whether you need overflow capacity for an existing team or you need long-term team players, our writers and editors are able to provide the skills and services that you need, for as long as you need them. Our professional and experienced project managers are able to manage a worldwide team of writers and seamlessly integrate our resources into your organization.


Any technical writer can write for end-users. Bárd International has writers who understand programming concepts and can write documentation that meets the needs of a highly technical audience. After years of experience in hitting the ground running, our writers are able to quickly ramp up on the background information and jump right into getting things done.

Our workforce is highly educated with third level or post graduate qualifications relevant to English language, Technical Communication, Engineering, Business Management, and Project Management.


On-demand availability for short-term contracts. Why go through the hassle of searching for and screening candidates for a short-term contract when Bárd International has a ready supply of well-qualified writers and editors? Outsourcing work when local talent is scarce provides all the advantages of importing a work force with none of the headaches, like immigration issues.

A high level of staff retention means Bárd International has a loyal, commited, and trusted workforce. Quality is built into our processes, standards, and work practices. Our methodologies are flexible and scalable to meet the challenges of enforcing robust quality control mechanisms.


Why ask your programmers or marketing communicators to write technical documentation? Hiring a dedicated technical writer can provide cost savings in the long run because it allows your specialists to do what they’re good at instead of worrying about documentation. The cost of an employee is more than just the salary. With Bárd International, you never have to think about benefits, vacations, pensions or training.